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Click any of the above to learn more is a website service aimed at helping pit bike riders build, tune, and maintain their machines. Most of the information on this website applies to Kawasaki KLX 110s, but we plan on expanding this information towards other bikes in the future.

Recommended Parts Guide for KLX 110 Pit Bikes

This is a complete parts guide to make your pit bike easier to ride, improve it's performance and increase it's reliability. I have first hand experience with every part on this list and have no affiliation with the companies that sell these parts.

Tuning guide and recommended jetting

KLX 110's come too lean from the factory. Re-jet them! I've done the testing so you dont have to, after testing dozens of jetting and intake combinations, I've figured out which works best for the arid desert climate of aha quin and similar enviroments.

KLX 110 Service Guide and Torque specs

While you can easily find this information online, I've made it more convenient for you by pulling this information directly from the Kawasaki manual and putting it all in one easy-to-access place. These bikes will easily last 20+ years with proper maintenance.