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This is a complete parts guide to make your pit bike easier to ride, improve it's performance and increase it's reliability. I have first hand experience with every part on this list and have no affiliation with the companies that sell these parts.

Parts to strengthen your pit bike

These parts will strengthen your KLX 110 and help prevent failure by compensating for the increased rider weight that these bikes weren't designed for.

IMS Superstock Foot Pegs - KLX110 & 110L Stock Peg Mount | Part #: 73114

These foot pegs are hardened steel and are better suited for heavier riders. They are also much wider than the stock footpegs and are a direct bolt-on replacement.

Lux Billet Shift Shaft Brace KLX 110 | No Part # | Find on (Gilbert, AZ)

This brace helps minimize excessive rotational torque on the gearbox brought on by the increased rider weight of adult riders.

TRC Cradle - Mount Frame Adapter KLX110 | Part #:TRC-0819-1

The OEM foot peg bracket bolts directly into the aluminum threads of the engine case and can be ripped out by heavier riders. There is no long-term fix for the engine case if this happens, and this brace helps prevent this issue from occuring.

Make your bike easier to ride

Here are a few parts better suited for the increased height and weight of adult riders. These will help you balance, shift, and prevent your bike from bottoming out so frequently.

Mika metals Pit Bike Handlebars | Bend: Pit Bike High | Part #: MK-78-PBH

These worked well for me (6ft rider) but I am also a fan of Pro-taper handlebars. Any handlebar will work, but keep in mind most clamps and grips for these bikes will only fit bars that are 7/8" in diameter

Odi V2 Emig Pro MX Lock-On Grips KLX 110 | With KLX 110 Throttle Cam

Now is a good time to get some new grips for your bike if yours are worn out. I've been a long time fan of these grips and have used them on several bikes, make sure to get the right throttle cam for your model.

TB Forged aluminum Black Shift Lever (Extended) | Part #: TBW1209

TB Parts is well known for their pit-bike parts and this shift lever is not only stronger, but is extended, making it easier for adults to use the shifter.

TB Fork Assembly Set, Extended - KLX 110 | Part #: TBW1588

Riding around on stock suspension will not hurt the bike, but most riders eventually upgrade to stiffer springs to stop "bottoming-out". These are the best bang for your buck as they have more travel, heavier weight oil, stiffer springs for adults, and ported dampening rods to match the heavier springs. You will need a longer brake cable with these and will retain the OEM drum brake

BBR Brake Cable + 7" Extended KLX 110 | Part #: 513-KLX-1102

This is the brake cable you will need to run the extended forks. These bikes are light weight, don't go very fast and don't really need disc brakes unless you're racing.

DNM 350lb Rear Shock KLX 110 | Part #: TBW1202 (On

This is the 350lb version that is recommended for riders heavier than 170lbs. There is a 250lb version for riders under 170lbs. This shock is a direct bolt-on replacement and will increase your ride height about 1 inch by taking up your sag. To compensate for this, I recommend installing a chain roller to help keep proper tenion on your chain.

All Balls Chain Roller KLX 110 | Part #: 79-5007 (Amazon)

This will help keep proper tension on your chain with the suspension listed above. If you run this suspension and do not buy this or find some other method of tensioning your chain, your chain may break/fall off or cause significant wear to your sprockets. If you're on stock suspension, you will not have this issue.

Tune your bike for the desert!

These are the parts you will need to properly tune your bike for Aha Quin and similar desert enviroments. For information on how to tune the bike, refer to my tuning guide.

OEM Carburetor for KLX 110 | Factory Kawasaki of Keihin OEM KLX110 Carb (Stock)

I recommend running the original carburetor for bikes that have stock motors and stock air intakes.

OEM Kawasaki air intake | Non-modified (Stock)

The original air intake is robust and the most effective for keeping dust/debris out of your carburetor. This is because the intake utilizes a snorkel built into your bike's frame rail. I do not recommend High-flow air intakes for dusty enviroments even if they do provide a slight power increase.

Keihin Jets for OEM KLX110 | For OEM Carburetor

After testing dozens of jets I've had the best luck with Keihin jets. I recommend buying the following jets: 82 main, 85 main, 88 main & 40 Pilot, 42 Pilot

TB Parts TB Adjustable Needle – KLX110 & KLX140 | Part #: TBW1457

The OEM Needle is non-adjustable and restricts your ability to conveniently adjust your mid-range for varying weather. This adjustable needle comes with a clip, but it wouldn't hurt to buy a spare needle clip while you're at it. The OEM needle clip will work with this needle.

Accessories, plastics, gearing, exhaust

If you want to install modern plastics onto your older KLX110, change the exhaust, install break-away levers or change your gearing to accelerate quicker, these are the parts I'm running:

2010 Kawasaki OEM Front Plate and Front Fender | OEM or Acerbis brand

I had these plastics sitting around and found that will a little modification, you can install modern plastics on older KLX110s. The front plate is a direct bolt on, the fender needs two holes drilled and a little bit if trimming.

ASV S4 Brake Lever Assembly KLX 110 | Part #: BDF405SX

This is a "break-away" lever, meaning it can flex in both directions in the event of a crash. This greatly reduces the chance of the lever breaking or bending in such a way that it ends your ride. And on the off-chance that you get your wrist caught between the handlebar and the brake lever in a crash, the lever will move out of your way.

Miniworx Co Billet Sprocket - KLX110 | 37 tooth 420 Chain Pitch

As a 185lb adult I found that my bike didn't like to hold second gear while going up hills with loose terrain (snow/sand). Moving from a 33t to a 37t rear sprocket greatly improved acceleration and helped me hold 2nd in loose terrain and steep hills. You will need a longer chain to run this sprocket.

ProTaper 420 Gold Chain | Part #: 02-3101

This chain is 420 pitch and comes with 134 links. You will need a chain breaker to properly adjust the length to fit your bike correctly. Pro-Taper is well known for their chains and they also sell spare master-links for this chain.

BBR D3 Exhaust System KLX110 | Part #: 240-KLX-1131

Any aftermarket exhaust will work for these bikes, I got this one in particular because BBR makes an quiet core insert that's easy to install/remove and makes the bike as quiet as a small lawnmower. I liked the idea of having the option to easily switch between loud and quiet. Refer to the tuning guide for notes about aftermarket exhaust on these bikes.